What to Expect at Your Signing

As you near the end of your transaction, and when Escrow has received and prepared the required documents, you will be contacted to set an appointment for you to review, approve and sign your documents. This portion of your transaction is referred to as “the signing” and will usually occur a few days prior to your actual close date. This Instructional Video will prepare you for what to bring and what you can expect at your signing.

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance provides coverage for certain losses due to defects in the title that, for the most part, occurred prior to your ownership. Title insurance protects against defects such as prior fraud or forgery that might go undetected until after closing and possibly jeopardize your ownership and investment.

What is Escrow?

An escrow is created when money and/or documents are deposited by two or more persons with a third party which are to be delivered upon the happening of certain conditions. The third party is known as the escrow agent or escrow holder.

Buyer Information Request Form

*This video is specific to California.

The Buyer Information request form is a very important document to your Escrow Officer. It informs them as to whom they should contact or who should contact them withregards to your loan.

Vesting Instructions & Amendments

*This video is specific to California.

The completion and accuracy of this form is very important. This will indicate to the Escrow Officer or Title Officer how title will be held to the property.

En Camino al Sueño Americano

Qué puede esperar en la cita del cierre.

Al acercarse el final de su transacción, y una vez que se han recibido y preparado los documentos necesarios para el proceso de la plica, se le contactará a usted para que revise, apruebe y firme los documentos. A esta parte de la transacción se le llama la cita para firmar, y por lo general ocurre unos días antes de la fecha del cierre.